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Don’t Waste Time! - Read 5 Fun Facts About Yoga Meditation for Anxiety!

This basic understanding of Yoga Meditation for Anxiety will help you break your regular cycle of mental breakdowns…

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“When you are a master of your body, word, and mind, you shall rejoice in perfect serenity.” — SHABKAI

Beyond the Broken Mind

The demonic presence of waves of stress, a heavy heart, or traumatic memories may symbolize your experience of anxiety attacks. If you no longer feel happy and rather experience a gulf of emptiness inside, nothing can fill.

Yes, your mind is broken emotionally — and you need a fix ASAP!

Now you may ask- “If my mind is broken — what caused the breakage?”

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, depressed, anxious at times. Feeling worried or concerned about events in life tells us that something in our life is unfair and requires attention.

Or, in a few cases, ‘anxiety’ is just a natural response to excruciating circumstances (like death or heartbreak).

All you need is a ‘Mental Health Day Off’ with a — ‘Restorative yoga practice for your mind.’

Firstly, Detect Your ‘Doshic’ Imbalances

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To heal with the help of yoga meditation, you need first to learn the root cause of your anxiety — The Yoga Way!

As per modern medical science, low levels of the brain’s chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are linked to low mood, anxiety, and other depressive symptoms. Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioners call this ‘Nadi Dhosa,’ a.k.a pulse impurity.

Following are the three doshas of our body:

1. Vata Dosha — Vata keeps our internal biorhythms in tune. It guides the body’s physical, mental, psychological, dietary, or environmental changes.

2. Pitta Dosha — Pitta transforms the food we eat into energy. This dosha is the basis of our metabolism because it converts physical, mental, and emotional experiences into vital energy.

3. Kapha DoshaThis regulates the stability and stamina of our thinking and emotional processing. Also, this dosha will maintain our immunity by fighting external physical threats, such as germs.

Again…..What’s Dosha Imbalance?

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The levels of these three dosha’s keep on misbalancing when they don’t eat right or move and meditate enough. Plus, dosha levels also get affected due to climate and seasons.

According to yoga and ancient Vedic life science — Ayurveda, anxiety is a Vata Dosha imbalance (high Vata than Pitta and Kapha).

And the best way to pacify your Vata Dosha is by choosing to eat less oily foods junk foods, drink more water, move more often, and meditate daily.

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5 Fun Facts about Yoga Meditation for Anxiety

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1. Did you know that meditation purifies the physiology of stress?

When all meditation forms were analyzed together, meditation reduced cortisol, C — reactive protein, blood pressure, heart rate, triglycerides, and tumor necrosis factor.

2. Did you know that meditation can directly connect you to cosmic consciousness?

Medical studies conclude that high doses of psychedelic drugs and certain forms of meditation practice for highly experienced practitioners can produce potent, short-term, and reversible disruptions of self-consciousness. (Stick to meditation only — LOL!!)

3. Did you know that deep meditation sleep nourishes your brain to focus better and become mindful?

Research has validated — how the ancient meditation process of ‘deep sleep’ takes the mind from the outer realm of the objective world to the inner realm of the internal faculty, making your mind a pure consciousness.

4. Did you know that deep breathing meditation can manage your emotions, stress, and anxiety more efficiently?

The study concludes that slow yogi breathing, breath-control, pranayama, and paced breathing have reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion.

5. Did you know that meditation infuses the qualities of consciousness, creativity, coherence, and compassion?

Recent research observed that meditation teachers and students became more distressed from desire and compassion about life while following deep mindful meditation regularly.

Now You Know! So, Don’t Waste Time! Get Going & Start Meditating!

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