Healthy New Year Resolution for 2022

How to Achieve Healthy Habits for New Year 2022

New Year's health resolutions don’t have to be broken if you keep these key points in mind!

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Establishing Healthy Habits for New Year 2022

Your Health Habit is unique to you. Not a diet, your Health Habit is a lifestyle skill or a set of good habits that allows you to make the right choices and serve you throughout life.

Also, there isn’t one magic health bullet that works for everyone. Your Health Habits list comprises the daily actions that allow you to be the best version of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Instead of prescribing a list of exactly what to do each day, I would love to teach you the skill of making the best choices that can benefit your overall health throughout this new year 2022.

How to Make a Positive Shift?

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To make better lifestyle choices throughout the day, you have to first enjoy your healthy habits. Understanding where you’re from and where you currently live, your cultural background, current living conditions, and all of your personal life experience up until now affect that state of your habits.

Not only that, your values and beliefs influence what you enjoy. To make positive shifts in your habits, first, you need to understand that there are three parts to all healthy habits:

1. The Cue (aka trigger)

2. The Action (aka routine)

3. The Reward (aka the benefit)

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have identified the cycle of these three parts as the habit loop.

What you think of as the habit is generally the middle part — the action or routine — like putting sugar in your coffee or eating ice cream after dinner every night. But, to break out from an unhealthy lifestyle mindset, you also need to learn when a habit trigger — how it will reward you in the long run?

For example — Suppose the cue or trigger can be physical (low blood sugar or feeling hungry) or emotional (frustration, boredom, or simply seeking pleasure). The reward generally alleviates the problem that cued it in the first place.

If cravings (the cue) cause you to eat ice cream at eight each night (the action), and that leads you to feel full for a while (the reward). Then you must design a healthy mindset priorly as your cue so that it can pretty easily be alleviated by a healthier action later.

Only you can identify your good and bad habit loops. That’s why you must first learn about self-awareness often as you build your new healthy habits for the new year 2022.

The more aware you’re of your cues and triggers and what you’re seeking in the reward, the easier it’ll be to shift your unhealthy lifestyle habits into healthier ones.

The Final Takeaway

What’s the right way to set healthy habits for the new year 2022?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Most people don’t hit their health goals that they never set their goals right in the first place, and this problem is simple to fix — Just be more mindful of your healthy lifestyle goals.

Remember that the first step in creating healthy habits is to deeply analyze how to set your health goals. There are three progressive parts to setting a goal:

1. Identify the desired feeling

2. Outline daily actionable steps

3. Name the desired outcome

So, now you know that — to set a foundation and meet your health goals, the very first step is determining what you desire. The how-tos of any process aren’t going to do you any good if you don’t get this down first.

Also, remember to differ between desired health goals and a desired outcome. (Hint: Losing 10 pounds is not a health goal. It’s an outcome.) So, think it through deeply and mindfully.

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